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Remarking of Year 13 IB Diploma examinations. Please read the detailed instructions in the News section below.  Dartford Grammar School: Confucius Classroom of the Year. View the video in our latest news below. 

Mission Statement: A Learning Community Developing Global Citizens
W.J. Oakes

Welcome to Dartford Grammar School

Dartford Grammar School was founded in 1576 and is one of the oldest schools in England. The school exists for learning and to prepare young people in the best possible way for future success by providing an unprecedented range of exciting and challenging opportunities. Our reputation for educational excellence is recognised nationally and internationally.

A report published in 2011 by Her Majesty’s Inspectorate recognised that the school is outstandingly successful in all aspects as a ‘learning community developing global citizens’.

All schools should be judged on the qualities of the students when they leave and on the progress that they have made. Dartford Grammar School students are confident communicators and energetic global citizens with a passion for learning and a commitment to service and the community. They enjoy doing well, are not boastful and they value the talents, ideas and successes of others.

You will find that Dartford Grammar School students take pride in their performance and in their school. They enjoy learning and are ready to leave at the end of their time with us, thoughtful, articulate and fully prepared to participate in an increasingly complex future.

W J Oakes

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  • Remarking IB Diploma examinations

    date posted: Wednesday 16 Jul 2014

    During the school holidays (from 17th July, 2014),

    1.Students requiring information about remarked IB Diploma examinations should contact Mr Harrington: ‘sharrington@dartfordgrammarschool.org.uk’

    Those wishing to have papers re-marked after the end of term should email Mr Harrington, completing the blanks in the following text:

    ‘’ I ________________(name of student) wish to have the following exam script re-marked:


    Level (H or S):

    Grade awarded:

    Email address:

    I understand that, by sending this email to sharrington@dartfordgrammarschool.org.uk, I am agreeing to pay the cost of £64 and if the grade award is changed, I will be reimbursed.’’


    2.Students requiring information and advice about university entrance should contact Dr Lepine: ‘dlepine@dartfordgrammarschool.org.uk’. They should remember the importance of being on hand from 11th-14th August, when universities make decisions.


    Mrs Longhurst will be in school from Tuesday, 29tJuly: ’eileenlonghurst@dartfordgrammarschool.org.uk’. 01322-223039, extn 204.


    Mr Tibbott will be in school from Monday, 4th August.

  • Marketing team impress judges for second year running

    date posted: Monday 23 Jun 2014
    Marketing Team Impress JudgesJason Taing, James Bonner and Isabel Rushmer impressed the judges from the UK's largest youth festival, Shakespeare Schools Festival, for their marketing project of the school's production of Hamlet back in October 2013. With the marketing trio winning First Prize for the competition across the UK for the second year running, below is what Isabel had to say about taking part in the marketing project.

    "Doing the SSF challenge was such a great opportunity for me to take part in, it opened me up to all of the elements of marketing for a performance within a school - and there were a lot more than I thought! I particularly liked the idea of using social media as a means of connecting not just with the performers and pupils of the school, but also the friends and family of those who took part. Being consulted by the SSF team was also extremely helpful to us as a team as it allowed us to see exactly what the judges of the competition were looking for, allowing us to act upon this and be fortunate enough to win. "I would like to thank Shakespeare Schools Festival for the fantastic opportunity that has widened my knowledge and understanding of the practice of marketing."

    Here is what the SSF judges had to say on the team's efforts: "What else can we say but truly, truly AMAZING! Congratulations to everyone involved and to a slick, professional and dedicated marketing team!"

  • Year 8 Robotics Challenge Winners

    date posted: Monday 16 Jun 2014

    DGS Robotics Challenge Winners 2014On 31st March, four members of the school Robotics Club took part in the local VEX Robotics challenge, organised by the National Grid. The four schools that participated in the competition for the two trophies were: Dartford Grammar School for Boys, Strood Academy (where the competition took place), Northfleet Grammar School for Girls and Northfleet Technology College. Through the 2 months prior to the competition, the entirety of the club (Rory Gibson, Aydan Goddan, Joe Maynard, Sam Chapman, Martin Radulov and Yixin Guo, Year 8) supervised by Mr Ashby worked hard to build the 6 remote-controlled robots required for taking part in the competition, comprising two ‘mini-games’.

    The first, was the ‘bean-bag’ mini-game which involved use of the clawbot, a metal chassis robot with a robotic arm and claw incorporated to allow the achievement of the main goal – to score as many points as possible by placing the bean bags into inconveniently highly placed troughs. The team that placed the most bean bags into their trough won. The Dartford Grammar School clawbot, piloted by Rory Gibson, soared through the leader boards and ensured that DGS was given the first trophy of the day.

    The second element of the game was a 2 vs 2 robot football game. A simpler robot was used, lacking the arm and installed with a scoop to assist in ‘kicking’ the ball. Although Dartford Grammar School did not win, we landed a respectable 2nd place and walked away with a trophy.
    The Robotics Club may return next year with another competition with a new group of students. Martin Radulov Year 8

  • Erasmus Wilson statue

    date posted: Monday 2 Jun 2014
    Dartford Grammar School's new science block extension boasts a statue of former student Erasmus Wilson. Click here to find out more about his life.
  • Elizabeth Truss MP opens new Stephenson Science Building

    date posted: Thursday 15 May 2014
    Elizabeth Truss MP, Under-Secretary of State for Education and Childcare, seen here with DGS musicians at the House of Commons in October last year, opened the new Stephenson Science Building on Wednesday 21 May 2014. Mrs Truss visited Maths and Chinese lessons and spoke to Year 12 students before officially opening the new facilities in the Jefferson Lecture Theatre.
  • Dartford Grammar School: Confucius Classroom of the Year

    date posted: Tuesday 29 Apr 2014

    Paul Tyskerud Confuscius Classroom ManagerClick here to see the video recorded by the Department for Education after their visit to Dartford Grammar School where Paul Tyskerud, Head of Mandarin, explains what Confucius Classrooms are and why he thinks more pupils should have more opportunity to learn about the Chinese culture.


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