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The school is currently closed for the Easter break and will re-open at 8:40am on Monday 28 April 2014.

Welcome to Dartford Grammar School
W.J. Oakes

Dartford Grammar School was founded in 1576 and is one of the oldest schools in England. The school exists for learning and to prepare young people in the best possible way for future success by providing an unprecedented range of exciting and challenging opportunities. Our reputation for educational excellence is recognised nationally and internationally.

A report published in 2011 by Her Majesty’s Inspectorate recognised that the school is outstandingly successful in all aspects as a ‘learning community developing global citizens’.

All schools should be judged on the qualities of the students when they leave and on the progress that they have made. Dartford Grammar School students are confident communicators and energetic global citizens with a passion for learning and a commitment to service and the community. They enjoy doing well, are not boastful and they value the talents, ideas and successes of others.

You will find that Dartford Grammar School students take pride in their performance and in their school. They enjoy learning and are ready to leave at the end of their time with us, thoughtful, articulate and fully prepared to participate in an increasingly complex future.

W J Oakes

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  • Urgent Notice from the Headmaster

    date posted: Thursday 10 Apr 2014

    Urgent Notice from the Headmaster

    12:00 Thursday 10 April 2014

    We are currently experiencing a severe water problem caused by a broken mains supply on West Hill. Thames Water are vague about the problem and the solution. My concern is over sanitation. The canteen has prepared the food for lunchtimes but of course there is no water for washing up. Thames Water cannot give us any idea of a likely solution as they are not sure of the scale of the problem.

    My solution for today is that Y13 leave school at lunchtime (11:50am) to undertake private study at home for the rest of the day. Y12 can stay in lessons until the end of period 4b and then should make their way home, we have arranged for most of the school buses to leave by 1:00pm, the exception is Go-Coaches, those students to report to the LRC until the normal time. Y7-10 should report to their form rooms at 12:40pm for registration so that we can secure permission from parents for an early release. Students will be allowed to use their mobile phones to contact parents.

    Students who cannot be released early should report to the LRC until 3:10pm.

    We will monitor the situation during the course of the afternoon and keep the school website updated. It is anticipated that water will be restored during the afternoon or overnight and the school will operate as normal tomorrow.

    At the end of period 4a all students in Y7-11 must report to their form rooms and liaise with their tutors to secure release. Tutors have been asked to provide the school office with the arrangements they have agreed.

    Students who cannot be released early should report to the LRC until 3:10pm.

    Please look at our website for any updates.

    W J Oakes


  • 2014 BBC News School Report

    date posted: Tuesday 1 Apr 2014

    BBC Schools Report LogoOn 27th March 2014, Dartford Grammar School students will take part in the BBC News School Report 2014. This work is entirely the students’ own, reflecting hard work in researching stories, arranging interviews, writing copy, taking photos, shooting footage and constructing their own website.

    To follow their progress please click http://bbc.dgsjournalism.co.uk/

  • DGS musicians perform at a House of Commons reception

    date posted: Friday 10 Jan 2014
    The Senior Wind Quartet on the Pavilion Terrace at the House of Commons on Thursday 17th October 2013 with the Under Secretary of State for Education, Elizabeth Truss MP.
    Simon Bate, Sam Butler, Henry Metcalf and Felix Saward together with the Director of Music, Zoe Marks, were invited to perform at the House of Commons at an International Baccalaureate reception hosted by Gareth Johnson MP.
    Large numbers of MPs, educationalists from around the globe and Headteachers from across the UK enjoyed the hospitality of parliament and the music of the DGS musicians.

  • GCSE Success 2013

    date posted: Friday 10 Jan 2014

    Dartford Grammar School, already celebrating record IB Results for its older students, was delighted by the GCSE success of its year 11 students.

    With 100% of boys scoring 5 or more A*-C grades, the school was also pleased that almost 70% gained 5+ A*-A grades, and over 94% achieved the English Baccalaureate. At a time when language results, especially among boys, are a national cause for concern, DGS saw over 97% gain A*-Cs in foreign languages, most of these with two languages. Several students gained a sweep of all A* or A grades in every subject, including Sam Butler, Simon Bate, George Frake, Kevin Fung, Shaquille Gilpin, Evan Lebell, Tom Owen, Jay Patel and Henry Walsh.

    We are proud of our students, and we are proud of their achievements”, said Headmaster John Oakes, “DGS aims to be the very best in everything we do, and it’s important to remember that alongside every set of great exam grades, there’s a committed and focussed young adult, with a full set of 21st century skills, ready to succeed in the sixth form and beyond.”
  • GCSE Success

    date posted: Friday 10 Jan 2014
    Dartford Grammar School follows a seven year, skills based, International Baccalaureate curriculum.

    For the second year running more than 63% of all GCSE grades awarded to Dartford Grammar School students achieved an A* or A grade. In 2012 this equates to 1223 A* and A grades! One in every four students achieved at least 5 A*s. Headmaster John Oakes commented, ‘Once again these impressive results represent the hard work and enthusiasm of our outstanding students and the commitment of an exceptional group of teachers’.

    Joshua Abe, Thomas Bridge, Lewis Reilly, Sam Taylor and Matthew Worssam all achieved more than 10 A*s – a remarkable achievement!

    The emphasis on academic rigour and the importance of learning languages are central to the education offered by Dartford Grammar School. In contrast to the national pattern showing a decline in languages, 99% of students achieved at least one A* - C in a Modern Foreign Language. As the Minister of State for Schools recently stated in the House of Commons ‘There is no limit on achievement at Dartford Grammar School’.

    Several highly successful students have had to wait longer to open their results as they have been involved in a highly competitive Rugby Tour and had even more pressing matters to attend to! 
    These GCSE results add to our outstanding International Baccalaureate Diploma results in the sixth form, where 95% of students have achieved their chosen university, and the average point score per student was 34.08, well above the national and global averages.
  • International Baccalaureate Diploma results

    date posted: Friday 10 Jan 2014
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