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Students and Parents: Past and Present 

Dartford Grammar School has a long history and as a consequence has a very large alumni group with much experience of the working world and life in general. Our parent community is equally important to us. This section of the website is compiled with all our Dartfordians in mind. 


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Ensure we have your correct email address! We use email as our main means of communication as postage charges have spiralled out of reach. Simply email Alison Holland with any changes. 

Alison Holland, Dartfordians Officer
Email: alumni@dartfordgrammarschool.org.uk
Tel: 01322 223 039

(Please note that the Old Dartfordians Website is now closed.)


We strongly believe that your involvement with the school does not end when you leave our Sixth Form: you are a Dartfordian for life, and although your contact with us may wax and wane as your personal and working lives take shape, we welcome you back at any time and especially to the regular reunions that we plan. Your stories are important to us and to the generations that follow you: on one level we invite you to update us with your life story to add to the ever-growing Dartfordian Lives compendium that Alison Holland maintains, on another we invite you to participate in our Careers Networking project where advice and mentoring is sought for our current students. To add to the former of these or participate in the second, simply email Alison.


2016 saw the launch of the DGS Vision initiative, and we hope to engage our community in a number of ways in the projects we aim to fulfill. We shall be contacting alumni from time to time to deliver news on progress. This is an exciting time for the school, consistently ranked among the very best in the country for examination results (and recently awarded the prestigious status of Sunday Times School of the Year), as we strive to provide the very best of facilities and equip our leavers for their lives beyond school. 

Click here for details on making donations to the School via the 1576 Club. We invite our community to donate either a regular sum of money or make a one-off contribution, and include the all-important Gift Aid declaration that will augment your donation.

Click here for the latest update on the Vision initiatives.

Click here to read more about why a legacy is so important to Dartford Grammar School


The galleries of photos immediately below are from the 2016 Reunions of Dartfordians. Click into each photo to move on or just let the slideshows happen...


 Dartfordian Life Stories

Click here to access accounts of the lives of a selection of Dartfordians. We invite additions to the list - send us your life stories!