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Dartford Grammar School has an enviable reputation for providing its students with an exceptional educational experience. This is not an accident: we produce the global citizens of tomorrow not only by offering a first-class academic programme, but also by recognising that their world goes beyond the school gate. 

The Development Office has been introduced to support the students by tapping into the wider community of current pupils and alumni, parents, staff, governors and friends of the school – everyone, in fact, for whom the school is or has been an important feature of their life. We believe that the experience, life skills and influence of our community can enrich school life and bring a new dynamic to the education of our young people.

2016 saw the launch of the DGS Vision initiative. This is essentially a wish list of projects, based on the School Development Plan, for which state funding is unlikely to be secured and for which we have to look for alternative sources. As ever, we look to our wider community for help and advice at all times.

You can read more about these projects on the list by clicking on the links below:

The Honours Boards Renovation project

The Old School Photographs Renovation project

We also remind readers that the Careers Networking Group continues to need interest and support and we invite interested parties to contact us: we hope you might volunteer your skills and time – you might feel able to mentor a student considering a career in your field, or you may be able to offer a work placement that adds value to a burgeoning CV. If you feel able to help with this, please email Jill Hawkins as below. You might also like to consider leaving a legacy of some sort to the school in your Will - click here for why this could mean so much to us.

We aim to keep you informed through the website and mailings, and we hope to cultivate lasting friendships. There will be events where we aim to rekindle old friendships and foster new ones: for instance a major Reunion took place on May 21st 2016 - see the Alumni page for details - and a very successful Christmas party for our recent leavers took place on 15th December. The DGS Summer Ball is now set for June 24th 2017: we are hoping for a stylish and fun evening to which you are all invited - just let us know if you would like to join us. We hope very much you will participate in these type of events!

Dartford Grammar School’s Development Officer is Jill Hawkins, and she can be best reached by email on jhawkins@dartfordgrammarschool.org.uk. Please feel free to contact her with any questions or suggestions.