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The principal aim of the Mathematics department is to encourage our students to view Mathematics as an essential element of communication. This involves an appreciation of the relationships within Mathematics and also the links it has to other subjects. The subject emphasises the importance of accurate and systematic work, both independently and in groups using imagination and initiative. We aim to make use of the latest mathematical ICT software available and encourage the students to make best use of all the resources available in the department. We help students develop confidence in the use of mathematical concepts and skills, which will enable them to cope with the practical, mathematical demands of everyday life.  We aim to project mathematics as a positive and enjoyable experience as well as an important part of the curriculum.

Course Content

Key Stage 3: This is based on the National Curriculum requirements. By the end of Key Stage 3 students will have covered all materials to at least level 8 of the National Curriculum, level 7 of the Middle Years Programme and where appropriate some students will have extended their knowledge further through differentiation in class. There is a new focus on communication and functional skills in Key Stage 3 and this developed through teaching the Key Stage through the philosophy of the IB Middle Years Programme.

Key Stage 4: The Edexcel Linear Mathematics course is taught at higher level in this Key Stage. All students will take the GCSE exam at the end of year 11. The students are set in Year 9 and two top sets are created (one in each half of the year). These students will further enrich their Maths by following the MYP Extended Maths curriculum in Year 11. This will reinforce their GCSE skills, but also be excellent preparation for IB Maths HL in the Sixth Form. All of the Key Stage 4 course is taught through the framework of the MYP where knowledge and understanding is given the same importance as communication and reflection. All GCSE exams will be taken at the end of Year 11.

Key Stage 5: Three courses are offered by the IB in Key Stage 5. Higher Level is offered to students who have achieved an A* at GCSE and is designed for students who wish to go on and study Mathematics based degrees at university. There are two courses offered at Standard Level; Maths SL and Maths Studies.