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The Paris Tour 2015

First Impressions
After a trip on the Eurotunnel, which made all our ears pop, we touched French soil for the first time. It was a beautiful sight of countryside and fresh greenery. After a quick stop for lunch, and a couple more hours on the coach, we drove into Paris for the first time, which was a truly wonderful sensation. The hustle and bustle of the place really stood out to me, and I now know what it means to live life in the fast lane.
By Harry Woodhall

Cinema Rex Tour
On the 14th of February, the day we arrived in Paris, our first visit was to the Cinema Rex, the largest cinema in Europe. We went in groups and took a unique adventure, discovering the history of the cinema. We participated in the different processes needed to create a film and we saw our own movie come to life on the big screen. Overall, the trip to Cinema Rex was a completely enthralling and fantastic experience and was a good first taste of what was to come on the whole trip.
By Mason Mote

Physical Theatre Workshop
On the second day, right after breakfast, everyone was eager to start our Physical Theatre workshop.  Some students believed that they would be re-creating shapes and objects so they began stretches. We did a variety of activities with two professional actresses. One activity was where we walked around with different personalities which meant we had to work as a class. My favourite activity would be at the end where we re-created a scene that had occurred in the trip so far. We were asked to complete activities on our own, in pairs and as a whole group and we developed our physicality skills and facial expressions – these will both be used when we go back to lessons. Overall the Physical Theatre activity was a really fun experience and I would definitely recommend it to others. 
By Zuhayr Magho

Puppetry Workshop
In the first puppetry workshop that most of us had experienced, we were exposed to a completely different and unfamiliar type of theatre. The visit began with a demonstration with two identical coffee cups, showing how puppets can be made of anything, as long as the audience has imagination. We were then able to try moving a puppet head-much more difficult than we expected as the head had to be at a realistic height, move at a realistic speed and be in sync to make it look as real as possible. Manipulating the puppets and trying to make them realistic was incredibly challenging, yet very fun and enjoyable. We were also able to see how professionals moved puppets around, from full length puppets to a face on a hand puppet.  It was truly inspiring and something I would love to look at doing again.
By Dan Bui

Disneyland Paris
Then it was time for Disneyland! We went around in groups of four and managed to go on lots of the big rides. We got to go in both the Walt Disney studios AND the park and spent half a day in each which was great. We also had a competition to see who could get the most selfies with mascots, but there didn’t seem to be many about so we spent time looking for them!  A great day all round with lots of fun and lots of gifts bought between us from the shop!!
By Finn Rogers

Opera Bastille Tour
We visited the Opera Bastille on the last day of the tour. When we arrived, we were greeted with a stunning view of the outside – a huge building made of glass and metal. Inside was more stunning, with grand marble hallways and an even grander auditorium. Seating over 3,000 people, it was by no means small – yet the seating area was only a fraction of the actual building. The majority of the building is taken up by the 10 backstage areas! These all mimicked the actual stage and they were used to be able to transport scenery for performances in one piece – for maximum speed and ease. We got to look around these and also saw some workshops at the rear in which sets were constructed. We looked at costumes and went 6 floors below the stage to see where all the scenery was kept.  It really was an amazing building and great to see how an industry in this scale can work. This was our last planned excursion, and it allowed us to end our trip on a high note.
By Sam Smith

Overall Impressions
Overall the trip was an amazing experience.  I enjoyed every part of it and we visited a variety of places.  This trip has helped me to develop a range of Drama skills such as Puppetry and Physical Theatre.  I also learnt so much about Paris and its history and how films are made in the Cinema Rex tour.  If a trip like this came up again I wouldn’t hesitate in going along.
By George Spencer