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Reunion 2024

The next reunion is diarised as Saturday 18th May - we hope to see as many of you as possible. The plan this time is to find as many retired teachers as we can, and invite them along, to give extra flavour and fun to the event. Details will follow early next year.

Old Dartfordians Association

The Old Dartfordians Association exists to bring together past students and staff of the school, encouraging them to take an active interest in the school and its activities. The school is fortunate to have a thriving community of Old Dartfordians, and we understand that in a busy life the contact back to us will probably wax and wane: be assured that however long the gap has been we are always keen to hear from Old Dartfordians with any news! 

The address for the Old Dartfordians Association is as below, or you can email at alumni@dartfordgrammarschool.org.uk

The Alumni Officer
Old Dartfordians Association
Dartford Grammar School
West Hill
Kent DA1 2HW

Do note that the address has changed and is no longer Bourne Road, Bexley.

Dartford Grammar School has a long history and as a consequence has a very large alumni group with much experience of the working world and life in general. This section of the website is compiled with all our Old Dartfordians in mind. 

  • Do please update us with your contact details
  • Come along to events at the School - you will be very welcome 
  • Tell us your news! 
  • Consider 'giving back' by sharing life and career stories and advice, or by becoming a 1576 donor

Old Dartfordians Merchandise

We have a selection of merchandise that as an Old Dartfordian you may like to have. From cufflinks and ties specifically for ODs we also offer a school scarf and umbrella, and an opportunity to acquire a numbered original print of the school. 

Click here to see the details and prices, and to order please email Alison Holland at alumni@dartfordgrammarschool.org.uk

Engaging with us

Learn more about how you can engage with the school and students. We value your expertise and experience!   

Internal Publications

Access this page to see our new library of internal publications - including copies of The Dartfordian - which will grow over time.


Learn more about how you can give back to the school 

Become a 1576 Donor - make a donation

More on the Vision Initiative                           

In Their Own Write

A new feature listing publications by ODs. Click here for the list so far but please do send us more!

Life after Dartford Grammar School 

Over time, we have compiled the details, as they have come to our knowledge, of the accomplishments of Old Dartfordians. There is much to be seen in this document, which includes the names of our war veterans and photographs where we have them. 

In Memoriam               

Click here to be taken to the  In Memoriam page  

Connect with us 

Your contact details : We cannot contact you if we do not know where you are! As with most other organisations we depend on emails for ease of contact so if you suspect we have an outdated address (or maybe you have never advised us of one) then email alumni@dartfordgrammarschool.org.uk and tell us your preferences. 

Newsletters: Our termly Newsletters are a good way of keeping up to date with what has been going on here at Dartford Grammar School. You can find the most recent ones by using the button at the top of the website - clicking on that will take you to the latest 3 Newsletters which you can then open. 

Twitter: For general school news, follow @DartfordGS. For Sports news, follow @DartfordGSsport

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