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Dartford Grammar School

1576 Society

Donations to the School made in respect of the Vision initiative are managed through the 1576 Society.

We invite all of our community to consider a regular donation to the school, thereby securing membership of the 1576 Society. A one-off donation is of course equally welcome.

If you can gift aid the contributions you make (easy if you are a UK tax-payer - just sign a form!) then we receive even more than the amount you pledge.

You might also consider asking your employer to match-fund all or part of the donation as we are a registered charity - this is easy to process and often exists without much publicity but facilitates the charitable giving of major corporations. 

And finally we respectfully remind our community that a legacy can be a tax-efficient way of expressing gratitude for the education you received, to honour a loved one or to ensure you have a positive impact on generations of the future. 

 Click here for a 1576 Donation and Gift Aid form