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About the NCCE

The National Centre for Computing Education is led by a consortium of STEM Learning, Raspberry Pi Foundation, British Computer Society (BCS) and The Chartered Institute for IT, delivering support through a network of Computing Hubs.

What is the hub, and what is its purpose?

Dartford Grammar School is proud to be one of thirty schools chosen by the National Centre for Computing Education (NCCE) as a centre of excellence. It joins a network Computing ‘Hubs’ with the aims of increasing the number of pupils in schools and colleges who study computer science at GCSE and post-16, particularly girls and in disadvantaged areas, and ensure that there is a strong pipeline of digital skills.

The hubs are designed to offer support to primary and secondary computing teachers in your area, including teaching, resources and continuing professional development (CPD) activities. The hubs will cover practical and theoretical aspects of teaching computing and will include links with industry professionals and university academics.

Why train with us?

At Dartford Grammar School we have been successfully delivering GCSE Computing courses for over 15 years. The driving ambition of our centre is to increase the number of pupils studying GCSE Computer Science and achieving a high level qualification in their school. We are a small department of committed teachers who teach Computer Science to GCSE level and beyond.
The Dartford hub will offer support and a range of courses that will equip primary and secondary Computer Science teachers with the knowledge and skill to teach Computer Science. We will be delivering NCCE Core CPD (Primary / Secondary) and the Computer Science Accelerator Programme (GCSE) core modules in house and at other schools in our area. The list of courses currently on offer at Dartford Grammar School is given in the table below. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions on the courses or where they will be delivered that may be closer to you.

Core Primary CPD provision
Teaching and leading KS1 2 days
Teaching and leading KS2 2 days
Primary Programming and Algorithms 1 day
Core Secondary
Outstanding teaching for GCSE Computer Science 4 days
Creative computer KS3 3 days
KS4 Computing for all 2 days
NCCE CS Accelerator Programme
GCSE Python Programming Essentials  2 days
GCSE Networks and Cyber Security 2 days
GCSE Data and Computer Systems 2 days
GCSE Algorithms in Computer Science 2 days


Contact us

Dartford Grammar School hub will provide excellent opportunities for teacher developments with the ultimate focus to drive up participation and increase pupil attainment in Computer Science across the board. So why not join us!

email: teachcomputing@dartforgrammarschool.org.uk
Twitter: @NCCESouthEast