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Economics is offered at IB higher level and standard level.

Economics is fundamental to our understanding of the modern world. Through studying and applying the key concepts, students are able to gain insight into the interactions of citizens, governments, firms and money. It is an interesting, diverse and applied subject that is valued very highly by universities. It incorporates elements of history, geography, psychology, maths, political studies, business studies and many other related fields of study. The study of economics also aims to encourage students’ development as independent learners.

Student comments on the Economics course:

Economics is all around us, it’s present in almost every aspect of our lives. - Donyella Tulloch, Year 12

I like how you begin to understand why people make the choices they do. - Shirley Fuakye, Year 12

I enjoy learning about how taxation and government policy can change the way we act. -Andrew Fargie, Year 12

Extracurricular activities

Extracurricular opportunities provided to students in the Economics department include:

  •  Lectures (in-person and virtual) from experts in their field on contemporary economic issues.
  •  The IFS student investor challenge
  •  A weekly PPE Club in which students can debate contemporary issues related to Philosophy, Politics and Economics.
  •  Subscriptions to the Financial Times newspaper 

Key documents

IB Diploma Economics

Links worth reading

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