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Drama & Theatre Arts

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Drama is life with all the dull parts left out! - Alfred Hitchcock

We are a creative and encouraging department that focuses on key life skills as well as offering a range of opportunities for the students to develop as young people.

Year 7

Year 7 study various aspects of Drama within their first year at the school. We work hard to develop their social skills, confidence and group work. The topics studied are:

An Introduction to Drama

  • Scrooge
  • The Tempest
  • Physical Theatre and horror
  • Storytelling through movement
  • The mysterious box

Acting is such an unnatural thing to do. - Helen Mirren

Year 8

Year 8 have the skills they need from their work in Year 7. They now apply them to their practical work and learn to develop their performance skills and theoretical knowledge of the subject. The topics studied are:

  • Dramatic Tension
  • Sherlock Holmes
  • Macbeth
  • Titanic
  • Derek Bentley
  • The Traveller

To infinity and beyond. - Buzz Light-year (Toy Story)

Year 9

For those students who choose to continue with Drama we work very closely with the GCSE criteria. Students study various texts and extracts and work closely on creating devised and improvised work. They also study the Arts Award Bronze which is a level 1 Qualification and recognised by Colleges and Universities. Within this they complete 4 sections of work in a portfolio:

  • Section A – Taking Part in an Arts Event
  • Section B – Watching a live Arts Event
  • Section C – Arts Inspiration
  • Section D – Creating and leading an Arts based workshop

The Arts Award is a fun and innovative qualification that helps the students to build on all Drama skills and allows them to complete work on their own and in groups.

Other units of work looked at throughout the year are:

  • Chicken by Mark Wheeller
  • Independent group project for Cyber Bullying
  • Art
  • An Introduction to GCSE

Acting is just one big bag of tricks. - Laurence Olivier

Years 10 and 11

At GCSE level we follow the EdExcel syllabus which consists of 3 Units:

  • Unit 1 is a devised group piece created in groups and supported with a written portfolio (40%)
  • Unit 2 is the performance of 2 extracts from a text (20%)
  • Unit 3 is a 1 ½ hour written examination (40%).

Drama is life acted out again and again. - Year 7 Student

Years 12 and 13 Theatre Arts

Year 12 and 13 follow the IB Theatre Arts syllabus; within this they study theatre from around the world rather than a traditional focus on European. The Units they look at are:

  • Collaborative project
  • Research presentation
  • Solo Performance
  • Directors notebook

This is a practical based course with no written examination and coursework based assessment.

I can take an empty space and call it a bare stage. A man walks across this empty space whilst someone else is watching him, and this is all that is needed for an act of theatre to be engaged. - Peter Brook

Extra Curricular Activities in the Drama Department

We offer many Extra-Curricular clubs and projects at DGS. The following have run the past few years:

  • Shakespeare Schools Festival
  • Youth Theatre
  • KS3 Club
  • Kent Schools Drama Competition
  • An Evening of Drama
  • The School Production
  • Laban dance workshop
  • Steven Berkoff workshop
  • Paris Drama Tour