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Geography is the study of places and spaces.  It explores the relationship that we have as humans, with the natural environments in which we live in and enjoy at a variety of scales – from our local area, such as our home or school, to the places in which we impact on across the globe through tourism and communications. It is undoubtedly a fascinating subject and at Dartford Grammar School we take every opportunity, whether that is in the classroom, in fieldwork, in travel or in independent learning to ensure that it is a subject that everyone can relate to, enjoy and excel in.

Geography forms part of a group of subjects known as the humanities.  These study the ways in which people, in the past and present, process and document their experiences around the global world.  Having knowledge of geography is integral to an understanding of all humanities.

Within the subject of geography there are two sciences. Human geography is a social science which concerns the understanding of cultures, communities, economies and global interactions, whereas physical geography is a natural science which concerns the understanding of the earth’s physical landscapes and the environment. Geography brings both the sciences together to complement each other, creating a unique learning experience which is both challenging and inspiring. Geography requires students to exercise a vast range of skills featured in the IB Learner Profile including thinking, analytical and evaluative skills.  This acts to enrich learning in other subjects and it helps to create well-rounded individuals.  It is not surprising that those educated as geographers are respected by employers for their wide range of transferable skills and knowledge, who often go on to be professionals to contribute substantially to the decisions made about the world in which we live in.

Dartford Grammar School values Geography very highly, both inside and outside of the classroom, and we appreciate it simply as an education for life. In gaining a geography education at Dartford Grammar School, students and staff are able to become both socially and environmentally conscious, well-informed and accountable citizens, with a responsibility to protect the world in which we live in.

Geography allows us to explore:

  • The places, people and societies in which we live and work in.
  • The physical environments around us and its opportunities and challenges for humans to live in.
  • Systems and processes that underpin the world and its natural environment.
  • The threats to our environment and its stresses.
  • The interdependence of countries, businesses and communities across the globe.
  • The world and its changing dynamics on a local, national and global scale.
  • The global, national, local and individual contribution to those changes.
  • The actions that can be taken to manage our world sustainably and for the future
  • Different peoples’ viewpoints in current geographical issues, including conflicts and solutions to resolve these.

 Course Information

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The Alps Trip - for Year 12 during the Summer Term

The Alps takes place for all IB Year 12 Geographers during the summer Creativity Week, which allows them the opportunity to collect data for their coursework whilst exploring the beauty of an Extreme Environment.

 The photographs above were taken on the Alps trip 2019 - read on for thoughts of one student:

"The Geography Field trip to Serre Chevalier in the French Alps, during Creativity Week in Year 12 was a truly enlightening experience. Nothing could have prepared us for the outstanding physical beauty of the French Alps. Collecting river data despite being caught in a freak storm with hailstones that seemed larger than life was a truly hilarious event - I am still amazed there were no casualties! Even though members of staff insisted that data collection was the main purpose of the trip, we still managed to have lots of fun.

The days began early, but we were welcomed with a lovely breakfast which was ideal as we were active all day. The week was filled with various activities that also significantly benefited our learning of the Geography course. From trekking to the snout of Glacier Blanc in the Écrins National Park to conducting tourist surveys throughout Briancon and local towns, there was never a dull day!

This was followed up by a hearty evening meal alongside a quick game of pool or cards leaving ‘most’ of us in pieces. An early night was appreciated by many, none more so than the teachers. Accompanied by great hospitality from the hotel staff and free time to explore the breathtaking views of the River Guisane Valley, it was a brilliant ‘educational’ trip that would prove to be one of the best experiences of Year 12."


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