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Dartford Grammar School

Visual Arts

There are no boundaries except the ones you make for yourself – you have to create the answers. - Year 12 student

The Visual Arts Department aims to

  • Encourage and enable students to produce high quality work
  • Develop all students' ability to understand, enjoy and use visual language through drawing, painting, printmaking, photography, ICT, sculpture and 3D work
  • Enable students to use a range of media, processes and techniques to create imagery and outcomes
  • Develop students' ability to apply knowledge and skills
  • Use the qualities of materials, processes & the formal elements effectively when producing visual outcomes
  • Develop thinking skills, creativity, reflection, learning and self-expression develop students’ capacity to work independently and collaboratively
  • Stimulate and maintain lasting student enjoyment and critical appreciation of art and design from this country and other times and cultures
  • Motivate and support students, through a range of differentiated learning and teaching strategies
  • Extend students whose attainments are above the expected level by providing opportunities for learning challenges and enrichment
  • Monitor students’ progress and provide AFL to enable all students to develop their abilities through personalised learning (IEP)
  • Enable students to recognise how codes & conventions are used to express ideas in different genres, styles and traditions
  • Develop the students ability to explain how and why understanding the work of others affects own ideas, values and practice
  • Encourage students to learn from taking creative risks
  • Develop ideas and create imaginative work with some originality
  • Develop independence, responsibility and initiative in students’ thinking and learning, and the ability to reflect upon, and apply, what has been learned
  • Promote interdisciplinary ATL skills [communication, collaboration, organisation, visual literacy, problem-solving/ thinking skills, reflection/evaluation]
  • Encourage students to develop a range of personal qualities such as tolerance, respect for others and the environment, empathy, creativity, integrity, honesty, responsibility, perseverance, initiative, self-confidence and a sense of self-worth

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