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Year 11

Welcome to Year 11

Year 11 Staff

Deputy Head:

Mr B Stephenson (bstephenson@dartfordgrammarschool.org.uk)

Assistant Head Teacher:

Mr T Geary (tgeary@dartfordgrammarschool.org.uk)

Curriculum Manager: Mr J Looney (jlooney@dartfordgrammarschool.org.uk)
Support Assistants:

Mrs T Rickman (trickman@dartfordgrammarschool.org.uk)

Form Tutors 2017-18

11A – Ms J Johnson
11B – Mr P Brooks
11C – Mr C Hall
11D – Ms L Portway
11E – Mr L Chapman
11F – Dr F McGovern/Mr J Milhill

Key Stage 4 Admin Manager: Mrs T Rickman (trickman@dartforgrammarschool.org.uk)

Mrs Rickman deals with work experience, general admin, Key Stage 4 letter reply slips and DofE admin.

To report absence, please ring (ext 106) or email Mrs K Brown (kbrown@dartfordgrammarschool.org.uk).

The Year 11 Curriculum

All the work that is done to prepare students for Post-16 study aims to ensure that students make informed choices and builds on two key elements. The first is the recognition that the world is changing at a fast rate and that some of the occupations that your son will have during his working life may not have been invented yet. The second, and a point that leads from this, is that although we cannot be certain about the exact nature of the careers that will be open to your son in the future, we can be sure that flexibility and breadth of study will be an advantage in a global job market.

There is a place in our sixth form for all boys currently at the school who meet the entry requirements. We would expect all boys to be able to get the 52 points from their best 8 GCSE subjects necessary for entry. Such results will provide a very secure foundation for diploma success and for future applications to good universities. An explanation of the new GCSE Grading System can be found in the Year 11 and Beyond Parents' Guide

In the coming months, your son will participate in a number of events and activities which will help to prepare him for post-16 choices and study. There are several key features to this programme:

Sixth Form Study Assembly: The whole process of preparing for Post-16 study is launched in an assembly that takes place in early November.

PSHE: The PSHE programme encourages students to identify key strengths and skills and to explore interests in relation to possible career options.

Sixth Form Forums: During November, all students will be given the opportunity to talk in small groups to current sixth form students and ask questions related to the sixth form.

Mock Examinations: The important mock examinations will take place in mid- December. They are designed to give your son a clear idea of how he is progressing and inform his subject choices for next year. They will also provide evidence for preliminary GCSE predicted grades.

Sixth Form Information Evening: We hold a sixth form information evening in mid-November each year. During this evening you and your son will have the opportunity to get an overview of the sixth form curriculum and the chance to talk to subject teachers and sixth form students about subject options and life in the sixth form.

Sixth Form Option Meetings: In January or February, all boys have a meeting with senior members of staff to discuss sixth form choices. Parents are expected to attend these meetings.

Year 11 Parents' Evening: This is on Thursday 24th January 2019 and will provide a further opportunity for you to talk about your son's progress at GCSE and his subject options for next year.

GCSE exams take place in May and June 2019. A full timetable is issued in March.

Sixth Form Induction: All students are expected to participate in the sixth form induction days which are in late June each year. The activities in which the students take part include subject taster sessions and a range of other enjoyable activities designed to prepare them for sixth form life. Please do not book holidays for these days.

We hope that you and your son will find this programme useful as you begin to make the important decisions that are necessary in the coming months. Please do contact Mr Geary if you  have concerns at any point during the process. We consider Year 11 as a vital stepping stone towards the IB Diploma, and staff will be working closely with your son to facilitate a smooth transition into the challenging and rewarding life of the Sixth Form.

Key Events in the year for Year 11 Students

Creativity Week – Work Experience
Japan/China Exchange – October
Work Experience review interviews – November
Language Oral Assessments 2 – November – December
GCSE mock exams – December
Lenten Collect Charity Fund Raising Activities – January – March
Parents’ Evening – 24th January 2019
6th Form Options meetings – January – February
Walking, Talking mock exams – 25th - 28th February 2019
Language Oral Assessments 2 – March – April
Year 11 study leave begins – May
GCSE exams – May – June
6th Form Induction – June

Grade cards issued to students: Autumn interim 1st Nov; Full report incl mock grade 22nd Jan; Walking/Talking mock grades 19th March

Key Documents

Year 11 Revision Techniques

How parents can support their son's revision and GCSEs

Y11 GCSE Mock Examination Timetable 2018