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Year 7

Welcome to Year 7 at Dartford Grammar School


Senior Assistant Head Teacher: Mr D Gillivan  (dgillivan@dartfordgrammarschool.org.uk)
Assistant Head Teacher: Mr D Foster (dfoster@dartfordgrammarschool.org.uk)
Year 7 Curriculum Manager: Miss H Oakes (hoakes@dartfordgrammarschool.org.uk)
Support Assistants:

Mrs J Bennett: (jbennett@dartfordgrammarschool.org.uk)

Mrs P Buckley (pbuckley@dartfordgrammarschool.org.uk)


Form Tutors 2018-2019

7A - Miss H Paige
7B - Mr P Ebbage/Mrs G Streeks
7C - Mr M Randall
7D - Miss R MacKenzie
7E - Miss J Salter
7F - Miss L Hameseder

Key Stage 3 Admin Manager

Mrs J Bennett (jbennett@dartfordgrammarschool.org.uk) is the Admin Manager for KS3 and deals with Key Stage 3 letter reply slips and general administration.


To report absence, please ring or email Mrs K Brown (kbrown@dartfordgrammarschool.org.uk).

Year 7 represents your son's first steps as a Dartford Grammar School student. In this exciting year, your son will leave behind primary school to start a new journey of learning which will last for seven years.

Year 7 at Dartford Grammar School is a year of discovery and intellectual rigour. Students will be pushed to achieve their potential in all subjects from Maths to Mandarin. Indeed, students will spend their time experimenting in laboratories, learning new languages and participating in team sports designed to build confidence and leadership skills.

Part of being Dartford Grammar School is about participating in the many clubs available at school. From Chess Club, to Key Stage 3 Debating Club , there is a club for everyone. Science Club allows students to build rockets and robots; Classics Club allows students to delve into the history and culture of ancient Greek and Roman civilisation. No matter what your son's interest is, there will be something for him to pursue after school.

Moreover, students at Dartford Grammar School are encouraged to be charitable citizens of a broader community. Each year, we raise thousands of pounds for charitable causes in Year Seven alone.

By the time that your son has finished Year 7, he will have spent one year learning a modern foreign language (Japanese or Chinese). He will have participated in school rugby and performed in a school musical concert (7@7). Your son will have enriched his learning in two creativity weeks. During this time, he will have made many lifelong friends; friends who will be with him in seven years’ time when he leaves to go to the university of his choice.  

Key Documents

Assessment Criteria in Year 7

Subject Specific Criteria in Year 7