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DGS Model United Nations


The MUN is an educational and academic extra-curricular activity in which sixth form students learn about the power of speaking and debating. It fosters critical thinking, teamwork and leadership skills, and discusses international issues. Dartford Grammar School has participated in the programme for a number of years and in January 2022 is hosting the conference. 

Message from the MUN Team

Welcome to DGSMUN. We are your secretary generals: Dylan and Alland.

MUN stands for model united nations, where you create an environment similar to a real-world scenario by becoming a countries' delegate. Or where you can become a historical figure in a crisis session. Can you make better decisions than those great men and women before you?

 We believe MUN is a great way to challenge socially accepted ideas in the rational manner that the international Baccalaureate teaches and embodies, to improve our art of public speech, debate, and analytical thinking. MUN has helped both of us develop these skills continuously and efficiently. With the international mind set of our school and the knowledge that our generation is a generation of change, next world leaders and change-makers, we would love to invite you all to come and share our MUN experience.


We are hosting the MUN Conference on 8th January 2022. Please register your interest by clicking here.