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Dartford Grammar School

Year 7 Admissions

Timeline for Year 7 2024 entry 


Registration for Kent test opens

1st June 2023

Registration for Kent test closes

3rd July 2023

Applications for Secondary Transfer opens

1st September 2023

Kent test date for Kent Primary Schools

7th September 2023

Kent test date for non-Kent Primary Schools

9th September 2023

Test decisions sent to parents

18th October 2023

Closing date for applications (Kent)

31st October 2023

National Offer Day

1st March 2024

Deadline for acceptances/refusals and waiting list requests

15th March 2024

Deadline for lodging appeals

28th March 2024

Offers made from waiting list 

25th April 2024

Dartford Grammar School Admissions Procedure 2024

Click here for Admissions Policy

The school will admit 180 boys into Year 7 each September. We use the Kent Age 11 Procedure for Entrance to Secondary Education (PESE) tests. Parents and guardians must apply for their sons to take these tests during the summer of Year 5. Applications to take the tests can be made in June and are made through Kent County Council at


The tests aim to identify children in the top 25% of the ability range. Boys who are successful in the tests will be assessed as suitable for a grammar school. Boys need to gain this 'grammar' assessment to be admitted to this school.

Applicants should be aged 11 when they start at the school. Parents or guardians of potential under-age applicants should write to Mr Metcalf at the school prior to application. These applications may be accepted at the discretion of the school.

All applicants complete their Local Authority [LA] Secondary Common Application Form [SCAF] which is returned to their LA. On the SCAF all schools applied to are listed in order of preference. This order is used by the LA when allocating applicants to schools.

If you wish to apply to Dartford Grammar School for 2024 entry, you will need to have registered and sat the Kent Test (Kent Procedure for Entrance to Secondary Schools Education Assessment Test – PESE). 

For those students meeting Pupil Premium criteria, please note that a Supplementary Information Form is required for 2024 admissions to Dartford Grammar School .

Supplementary Information Form

Further details of the procedure are available in the 2024 Admissions Policy.

Contact Ms J Bennett or Dr. M. Kingham for specific queries either by telephone, 01322 223039 or email admissions@dartfordgrammarschool.org.uk


















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