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Languages Hub

Languages Pedagogy Project

As a Lead School for Languages Pedagogy, Dartford Grammar School is working with four local schools in the ‘Dartford Hub’ to support them in aligning their MFL practice at Key Stage 3 with the recommendations of the Teaching Schools Council’s MFL Pedagogy Review of November 2016. These schools are:
• The Leigh Academy
• Wilmington Academy
• Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy
• Longfield Academy

Key Objectives

The key objectives are to improve the quality of MFL teaching and to increase uptake at KS4 across the 45 schools involved nationally. The project is being co-ordinated by the National Centre for Excellence for Language Pedagogy (NCELP) at the University of York.

Focus of the project

The focus to date has been on the teaching of phonics, vocabulary and grammar at KS3, and providing meaningful practice in the classroom. MFL teachers from all five schools meet at DGS once a month in a ‘Teacher Research Group’ to reflect on our current practice, to consider up-to-date educational research and to plan how best to incorporate NCELP resources and pedagogy into our teaching.

A priority for 2019/20 is to align practice in all five schools to the draft schemes of work being produced and resourced by NCELP.

External Reach

In addition to the four schools involved in the Dartford MFL Hub, we invited all schools within a ten-mile radius where MFL is not compulsory in KS4 to our first annual “Hub Day” in July 2019. Here colleagues from DGS and the other Hub schools disseminated the NCELP pedagogy to colleagues in the wider area, reflected on our experiences to date and shared NCELP resources. Through this group, DGS is supporting colleagues in the wider Dartford area to improve the teaching of MFL in the community and thus to increase uptake of KS4 languages.