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2021 IB Diploma Results - Best Ever on all Measures

The IB Diploma ‘Class of 21’ has surpassed all other years with a set of results that are, on every level, the best ever. 

The cohort of Dartford Grammar School students, 295 among a worldwide 170,000 entrants to the IB Diploma, achieved points which averaged 38.8 against the global average of 33.02 and against a DGS average of 38.6 in 2020. This would be remarkable in normal times, let alone in a year during which many challenges had to be faced and overcome: the dedication and focus of our Year 13 leavers has been quite outstanding and it is gratifying to see them rewarded for their hard work. 

Thirteen students achieved the perfect score of 45 points: Morvane Amegan, Thomas Ancill, Layla Barwell, Annie Brett-Smith, Lucas Dunckley, Samyak Jain, Rithik Rajan, Ben Spivey, Rajeev Sureshkumar, Thomas Tanner, Cameron Telfer, Faith Ubom and James Yu.  

A further fourteen students gained 44 points, and 60% of the school’s entrants to the Diploma achieved 38 points or more, which places them in the top 10% of results worldwide. These results emanate from a group of young people who gained entry to the sixth form with a broad range of interests and abilities, who actively chose the IB Diploma over A-levels for sixth form because of its broad curriculum. Every student has to study English, Maths, a Science, a Foreign Language and a Humanity, which prepares students for a wide range of choices in their future career paths. 

Headmaster John Oakes said ‘These results are unique in that by every measurement they have exceeded those of the past by some margin. We all applaud the effort put in by the students and staff, and we do not underestimate the part played by parents and carers in this, the most challenging year in our times. The success also reinforces the Sunday Times IB School of the Decade award that we received at the beginning of the academic year. I congratulate the students and wish them all well for the future’