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5th Annual Christmas Lecture on Ancient DNA sold out!

On Wednesday 5th December, Dr Selina Brace of the Natural History Museum, presented the 5th Annual DGS Christmas Lecture, titled “Removing Ancient DNA from Cheddar Man’s Ear”.

The lecture firstly discussed what Ancient DNA was, who the original people of Britain were and how Hunter and Gather Mesolithic people settled to become the Farming Neolithic.  From Rice Rats to Victorian Show Caves, Dr Selina Brace truly took us on a romp around Britain, its people and its genetics to deliver a poignant and current message of hope through science. 

The lecture took place in the School's main auditorium and was attended by about 320 people, including students,their parents and of course staff. We were delighted to welcome the Mayor and Mayoress and the Chair of Governors along to what has become a tradition at the school, and of course we are grateful to Dr Brace for her time and for taking us on the fascinating journey!