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 Chance meeting of ODs Larry Robbins and Phil Fry in Auckland

We have heard from OD Larry Robbins (1962-68) after he attended the annual Christmas Dinner of the Maritime Societies in Auckland, New Zealand, on the evening of 7th December 2018.

Larry was surprised to meet a fellow OD at the dinner who was a guest of one of the Master Mariners. The photo alongside shows Phil Fry (1950-55) on the right of the picture, with Larry on the left.

They spent a good part of the evening catching up with each other, and rather wonderfully found that they had almost total recall of the old School Song Floreat Dartfordia, which they sang in unison to the assembled guests as proof that passing years do not always blur early memories!

It is very exciting for us back in Dartford Grammar School to hear of chance meetings around the globe of our Old Dartfordians. We welcome any such news from our alumni, especially if over the passage of time we have lost contact with someone. Do please keep us posted of any such reunions whether planned or by chance!