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Pembroke College Oxford hosts 15 DGS students for day of Japanese Studies

On the 16th November 2018, Pembroke College welcomed fifteen Year 12 students from Dartford Grammar School (DGS) for a packed day of lectures, college tours, informal discussions and activities to share experiences and explore what it is like to study Japanese at Oxford.

The college believes that awareness of the career possibilities beyond a degree in Japanese studies should generally be aired more thoroughly, as the attraction of studying Japanese is often subsumed by concern about career prospects. The day's programme included both informal chats with members of the college and some talks, amongst which was a session which posed the question “Do the Japanese Dream Robotic Dreams?”

Warren Stanislaus, the organiser said: 'We demonstrated that learning Japanese can open exciting new doors and Japan can serve as a lens to explore wider global challenges such as the fourth industrial revolution or ageing societies.’  Click here to read more comments from him and to access the day's programme. 

Ms Simpson accompanied the students - the trip was over-subscribed which demonstrates the weight of interest in Japanese studies at Dartford Grammar School - a fact not lost on the organiser of the conference who commented on the high number of DGS students studying the language.