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Dartford Grammar School

The Pastoral Team

There is a Deputy Head who oversees pastoral care in the school.

Each Key Stage has a team of people who work to take care of students, supporting their personal and academic development. Each Key Stage is led by an Assistant Head and there is a Head of Year for each year group. All students also have a form tutor. In addition, all Key Stages have support staff teams who also work closely to mentor, coach and support students.

Our dedicated Student Services Team works with students with additional needs, while the Careers and UCAS team works to ensure that students have access to up-to-date careers education at every stage. 

The following Heads of Year hold responsibility for pastoral care within the Year Groups:

Year 7: Ms E Collier  (ecollier@dartfordgrammarschool.org.uk)

Year 8: Mr C Lamprell (clamprell@dartfordgrammarschool.org.uk)

Year 9: Mr L McElhill (lmcelhill@dartfordgrammarschool.org.uk)

Year 10: Mr C Burgess (cburgess@dartfordgrammarschool.org.uk)

Year 11: Mr W Peters (wpeters@dartfordgrammarschool.org.uk)

Year 12: Mr T Stevens (tstevens@dartfordgrammarschool.org.uk)

Year 13: Ms H Gilbride (hgilbride@dartfordgrammarschool.org.uk)

The following Assistant Heads hold responsibility for pastoral care within the Key Stages:

Ms H Oakes - KS3 (hoakes@dartfordgrammarschool.org.uk)

Mr T Geary - KS4 (tgeary@dartfordgrammarschool.org.uk)

Mr L Attwell - KS5 (lattwell@dartfordgrammarschool.org.uk)

Dr M Kingham, Deputy Head, is responsible for pastoral care throughout the school and can be contacted via email at mkingham@dartfordgrammarschool.org.uk

All pastoral related telephone enquiries should be directed through the school's main switchboard (01322 223039).